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Psychotherapy Services

Blue Cross Blue Shield and Medicare insurance accepted. A sliding scale is available.

  • Angela Annas, M.Ed, MSW, LCSW
    angela annasFeeling blue, anxious, or just not being satisfied with life is a problem many people face. In a comforting setting I will listen to your concerns. Through discussing the familial, societal, and cultural experiences that have shaped you, I will better understand both who you are and what works (and doesn't) for you.
    Our life experiences bring both magic and mischief into our developing sense of “self” and into our views. As you develop trust in me, I will help you capture the magic and amplify its power to work for you. We will begin to understand the mischief and its origins in order to lessen its influence in your life. With the mischief managed and your individual strengths amplified, you can tackle dilemmas and learn to live with authentic happiness.
    From relationships, to depression, to women's issues, and other life problems, my passion is helping people enjoy a deeply meaningful and satisfying life. I work with adults and couples using strengths and wisdom from their life experiences rather than fixing on diagnosis as the only prescription for treatment. I welcome diversity and a spiritual focus. I use cognitive behavioral techniques, humor, dreams, narrative therapy, skill building, existential understanding, and a person-centered approach.



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